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Magpie LED Motion Sensors Light

Why the Magpie LED Motion Sensors Light Is Best for Your Home

Magpies. They're a gardener's dream, a cyclist nightmare, and a choir birds with a voice so sonorous and heavenly they could make any heart merry. While these savannah assassins are notable for their aerial assaults, they also make comfy acquaintance in your home just like the Magpie LED motion sensor light that features the alluring motion sensors technology.
Aside the resplendent and charming glow of the Magpie LED light, these cool little dummy birds have a bunch of appealing features that can bring your home some exciting aura you've probably never imagined. Below are 3 reasons why you should consider bringing the Magpie LED motion detector light into your home.

#1 Magpie LED Motion Sensor Light can help you save a lot of energy

Yes. You read it right. Magpie LED motion light can conserve for you up to 80% of energy, unlike your conventional incandescent bulbs that give a lot to heating while generating some luminescence. Think of this and its effect on your power consumption meter reading. You're sure of a drastic cut in power cost in exchange for a higher efficiency. Magpie LED light also last longer than incandescent bulbs, they can even last for years without fizzling out, so you can have brightness for a longer time and at a lower energy consumption cost.

#2 Eco-friendly and highly durable

Another reason why you need to have the Magpie LED light is its economical friendliness and durability.ย LED light having is built with close to Zero UV emission and very low infrared radiation that is not harming to your environment. Its high resistance to shock, vibration and external impact also add to LED light score sheet of high durability.

#3 Breathtaking Design

The Magpie LED light with Motion Sensor features a breathtaking, elegant design that's quite rare among its kind if you were to draw a table of comparison. You've heard of artificial intelligence, calm your nerve, this is not one, but these Magpies are designed to react to motions and gestures as If they got brains of their own. They could literally sense a presence 3-4 meters away. They respond to this by letting out their calm and soothing light which they turn off if no movement is detected by the motion sensor in 20 seconds. You may even attach these magpies to your bedroom or corridor walls for that warm and soft brilliant glow capable of heightened your home's atmosphere.

Magpie LED Light With Motion Sensor

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