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🍏 Green Stationery

  • PLUS Cutting Knife LITLTE
    PLUS Cutting Knife LITLTE

    PLUS Cutting Knife LITLTE

    🖐small cutter

    The PLUS Cutting Knife LITLTE is a handy, palm-size cutter that fits in your pencil case and is easy to hold. It's the perfect size for precise cutting, making it a convenient ...

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  • Kawaii Solar Dual Power Calculator, Pink
    Kawaii Solar Dual Power Calculator
    Save 16%

    Kawaii Palm Size Calculator

    🪶small and light weighted
    Original Price $6.20
    Current Price $5.20

    Forget boring old calculators! 🤩 Kawaii Palm Size Calculator are the perfect accessory for the modern minimalist, featuring stylish colors and a sleek look. Get ready to show o...

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