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🌸 Washi Tapes

Washi tape becomes popular because it can be used in various places, for example on bullet journal, planner, scrapbook📔, wrapping, and wall for decoration purposes or even classify things by write on it. Some washi tape lovers use it to create their craft or art🖼. We know what you are looking for and bring you the cutest💝 and vintage tape with different sizes and set for you to choose!

  • Galaxy Washi Tape 7 Rolls Pack
    Galaxy Washi Tape 7 Rolls Pack
    Save 12%

    Galaxy Washi Tape Rolls

    🌌Galaxy Patterns
    Original Price $3.40
    Current Price $3.00

    Adding galaxy elements🌌 to your journal or notes with these seven tape patterns🌎 You'll love getting creative with the vibrant and multi-dimensional designs. From scrapbooking ...

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