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A Lot Mall Timeline


Last updated date: 14 April 2021

April 2021

  • 💰We're online shop recieve cryptocurrency. Bitcoin payment come back again! You can now pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum and more!

Jan 2021

  • 🎉We implemented a new look on our website including some new functionality like detail filtering function.

    Aug 2020

    • 🥊Stationery wholesale is available in our online store now📦.

      Jul 2020

      • ✈️Two shipping destinations are added.

        Jun 2020

        • ✈️We maintain our shipping service to ship to 45 countries worldwide.

          Feb 2020

          • We've launched our first digital product🙂.

            Jun 2019

            • We donate 1% of the product price on your order to UNICEF USA😊. We will cover all the fees paid to the service providers and 100% of your donation will go to their children's fund.

            May 2019

            • ✈️We have shipped to more than 20 countries🌍.

            Mar 2019

            • 🎉We had our first international giveaway finished on Instagram

            Jan 2019

            • ✈️Added 3 more shipping countries. We now ship to 60+ countries around the world!

            Nov 2018

            • ✈️A shipping calculator with shipping rate is available on the cart page

              Sep 2018

              • ✈️A shipping calculator is added on the cart page
              • We do wholesale on some of our products

              June 2018

              • ✈️We now ship to 50+ countries!

              Apr 2018

              • Go to the top navigation added

              Mar 2018

              • ✈️We now also ship to Singapore!

              Dec 2017

              • Bitcoin payment is available in our store now

                Nov 2017

                • Order track system implemented

                Oct 2017

                • We now also ship to the USA!
                • Refund / Exchange submission system implemented, full instructions provided
                • Full responsive design applied. Screen fit all devices now!
                • Shipping address auto-complete with validator implemented!
                • New currency auto-switcher implemented
                • We now also ship to Australia and Canada

                Sep 2017

                • Currency auto-switch applied!
                • Add to wishlist module implemented!
                • Social login applied

                Aug 2017

                • Customer review module implemented!

                June 2017

                • A Lot Mall is online!
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