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☄️ Sales

We will have different items on sale every week! Don't miss this sale of your favorite items.  🛒💨  🏃‍♀️. Visit our store frequently and don't forget to use the First Order Discount coupon on your order. This coupon is applicable to these sale items below too!😮

⏱️Weekly Sales End In:

  • Label Sticker Roll for Planner, Pastel
    Label Sticker Roll for Planner

    Label Sticker Roll for Planner

    🧻️250 labes!!

    Our Label Sticker Roll🧻️ for Planner is designed to make organization easier. Its unique design allows stickers to be pulled directly out of the box📦, making it perfect for bu...

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  • Disney Frozen 3D Pencil Case, Elsa (Type 1)
    Disney Frozen 3D Pencil Case, Anna

    Disney Frozen 3D Pencil Case

    👸lisa &anna

    Elsa is the princess of Arendelle👸 and the rightful heir to the throne. She has a unique ability to create and manipulate ice and snow. During her childhood, Elsa enjoys using...

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  • Minimalist Corduroy Pencil Case, Red
    Minimalist Corduroy Pencil Case

    Minimalist Corduroy Pencil Case

    ☁️soft touch
    from $2.70

    The Minimalist Corduroy Pencil Case is soft and comfortable touch🖐️ with its sleek corduroy ridged pattern and minimalist design🌿. Perfect for organizing pens, pencils, and ot...

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  • Nano Tape Double-Sided Reusable, 2cm width, 1M
    Nano Tape Double-Sided Reusable

    Nano Tape Double-Sided Reusable

    💪super adhesive power
    from $1.20

    Introducing Nano Tape – the amazing double-sided adhesive that's unbelievably strong! Its unique ultra-adhesive formula lets you hang and attach almost anything securely and e...

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