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🖊 Brush Markers

A Brush marker pen has its own ink source💧 and the firm felt tip made of porous, pressed fibers. It is easiest to control to produce consistent lines, so it is suitable for the beginner. They are perfect for calligraphy, art drawing🖼 or coloring🎨, lettering, and bullet journal📔.
  • Sakura Pigma Brush Colored Pen, XSDK-BR-49 - BLACK
    Sakura Pigma Brush Colored Pen

    Sakura Pigma Brush Colored Pen

    🌠New Sepia Color

    Create beautiful calligraphy and doodles with this flexible brush pen - with its fine lines and broad strokes✍💯, you'll be amazed! 🎨 Sepia color is now available! 🆕 From intric...

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