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Walking and Talking Puppy Toy Poodle, Cocker Spaniel, Shiba

A Cute🐶
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Type: For Kid  


Looking for an easy and fun way to adopt a brand new furry friend? The Walking and Talking Puppy would be perfect for you. It can memorize up to six seconds of your voice. It also barks as well, and will bark back when you speak to it! Dog lovers young and old will be happy to receive this adorable puppy as a gift. Pick the perfect puppy for your loved one, and they’ll have a furry companion for life!
Looking for stuffed puppy toy? 👉🏼 Furry Puppy Plush Toy
    1. Talking puppy can memorize 6 seconds of human voice
    2. Barking puppy can produce 4 different cute and unique puppy voices!🐕
    3. Barking puppy detects voice then make a cute barking voice. It also detects command when a slightly patting is on its head or hand clap is detected!
    4. Puppy has soft curly fur, cute eyes👀 and button nose🐽
    5. This Plam size puppy is so cute that your child would adore! 👧🏼🧒🏼
    6. 3 types of walking puppies:
      1. Walking + Barking🐕 
      2. Walking + Talking🗣️ + Barking🐕 (with red  collar)
      3. Standing + Talking🗣️
    7. Cute Barking🐕 + Patting and sound detection👂🏼 (no red collar)
    8. 3 puppy types are available:
    9.     🐩Poodle
    10.     🐶Cocker Spaniel
    11.     🐕Shiba
    • Country of Origin: Japan
    • Weight:
      • Walking and Talking Puppy 175g
      • Walking and Barking Puppy 175g
      • Standing and Talking Puppy 230g
    • Power supply:
      • 2 x AAA battery
      • 3 x AA battery (Walking and Talking Puppy)
    • Battery last: 2 to 3 hours
    • Material: Polyester
    • Size:
      • Talking Puppy / Barking Puppy
        • W150 × D110 × H140 mm
      • Walking and Talking Puppy
        • W110 × D150 × H200 mm
    • *It may not work properly when the stuffed hair is caught by the battery box lid
    • *The microphone located at the chest of the dog
    1. 1 x Puppy Toy (Battery is not included)

Questions & Answers

Q1. The puppy doesn't move?

Ans: Make sure the power is switched on. Movement is triggered by sound, try to speak loudly to the microphone which is located at the chest of the dog.😉

Walking and Talking Puppy

Walking and Barking Puppy

Standing and Talking Puppy

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