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3 Reasons Why You Need This Enthralling Moon Lamp

3 Reasons Why You Need This Enthralling Moon Lamp

You've sat outside on many nights bathing in moon showers; watching the glowing distant orb spread its tarpaulin of light across street tarmacs and through window panes, you marvel at the awe of such peaceful radiance so cool and charming so much that you wish you could have the floating ball in your hands. Our new Moon Lamp is designed to help bring all your tall dreams to reality without you having to be on the next spaceship to the moon. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider bringing this seamless 3D printing Moon Lamp into your home.

3 Reasons Why You Need This Enthralling Moon Lamp

#1 It is everything the moon is

One important reason why you should go for this alluring Lunar lamp is the perfection in its design. Its 3D blueprint simulates the natural prototype of the moon in all of its beauty and essence. Take for instance the rocky uneven Alps that come on display when you switch mode through its touch-sensitive button. You’ve seen the yellow moon and full moon in all of its blazing colors and glows, our moon night lamp allows you to change colors the way you desire to fit your craving and sensual delight giving you that ‘moon in my room’ feel. Doesn’t it feel just great to have nature’s remote right in your hands? This moonlight will enable you fine tune your own atmosphere the way you want it. You could switch to the warm yellow glow for a romantic evening dinner with family and lover, or have the white luminescent light fill your room with the air of ancient monastery bursting in all of the hallowed sacredness and serenity of an ancient church.

#2 Sleek and seamless touch switch with a USB charger and a rechargeable lithium battery

Unarguably, you’ve got an array of options when it comes to buying moon night light online, but what specializes this product from the plethora of others are the enthralling features that may not be readily available with other brands.  Our moon lamp comes with an astonishing seamless touch switch that allows you to effortlessly shuffle between white and yellow glows of the moonbeam. And like it, this extra large moon lamp comes with a rechargeable lithium battery and a USB charger that makes it travel-friendly should you decide to take it along on transit. You can also connect to any USB port and have your moon lamp gain energy to exude the charming brilliance of earth’s effulging neighbor. This moon lamp also comes in different sizes with some having at the minimum of 2 colors and others up to 7!

#3 The Perfect Gift

3 Reasons Why You Need This Enthralling Moon Lamp

What other way to entrench your essence into the hearts of your loved ones this season and beyond? This moon lamp serves as the perfect gift box for anyone anywhere irrespective of their climes or beliefs. Considering that this product is also gift ready makes it a duo gift in one present. You can give it out at any time of the year as there’s hardly a month without the downpour of moonlight, it is also an excellent gift for your friend’s next birthday when you consider loads of goodwill associated with a full moon throughout world cultures and among all people. This moon lamp is certain to enliven your world and that of your loved ones with an astonishing atmosphere like never before.

The uniqueness of the products we bring to you is in the diversity of choices that you can select from. We will finally have 4 types of moon lamps: button, touch, tap and remote control with our one more tap lamp designed to use 3D printing technology at arriving at a seamless moon lamp variant. Do you crave the 3 colors moon night lamp or your choice is in the sizes? Whatever your thirst of what a 3D moonlight should be, our stock of amazing lunar lamps are sure to have your jaws drop in amazement.

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